Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

Comicsalon Erlangen

Two days ago I came back from the Comicsalon Erlangen, the biggest comic-con in germany. Compared to cons in the US it's really small I guess, but it was so much fun again!

It's every two years and I was there for the fifth time and this time was one of the best. I had a blast!!
The weather was amazing and everyone seemed really relaxed.
It's a small town in Bavaria, so wherever you go you'll meet someone you know. So finding the right party in the evening is easy, you never have to walk more than ten minutes. great...I miss it!

Thats one of the last photos we took, right before we left. We tried to make a little band-like shot and surprisingly it kinda worked. ...? The evening sun made this look kind of retro, so I had to make this little fake "cd-cover". ;) Just beeing already a bit Erlangen nostalgic I guess.
Didn't changed the colors, just slapped half assy some fonts on it.

On the photo are from left to right Simon, Regina, myself and Yann. Steffi was there as well, but she took the photo. :)

2 Kommentare:

Frau Kirschvogel hat gesagt…

Dude, you guys look like you'd totally rocked the con. Oh the greatness!

Christian hat gesagt…

I guess 4 days of partying just gives you the right amount of edge for this look! ;)