Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Incorruptible 9 and Jazam

Another cover I did for Boom Studios' series Incorruptible.
I really enjoy doing these! :) Working on them gives me the opportunity to try out some stuff.

Inking a bit messy like this is still new to me but really fun - I thought it would be a nice way to show the impact. I like how it turned out and works with the painted part of the image. :)

And here a cover I did some months ago for JAZAM!'s jamcomic "Nightshift".
The print size of the jamcomic is reeally small, so I tried to make it simple.

JAZAM! is a german comic anthology and Issue 5 is coming out soon: :) Go check/buy it - I'm sure it will be great again!

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