Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Die Siedler 7 / The Settlers 7

"Die Siedler 7" / "The Settlers 7" by Bluebyte/Ubisoft finally hit the stands some days ago.

I did most of the character designs for the game and a big bunch of 'em you can see here.

The kind of style and the bodytypes were already defined when I came to the project, so it's all a bit of a mix of my style and a style the guys at Bluebyte had in mind.

The biggest challenge was to keep the design simple and readable. Even zoomed out the characters had to be easily recognizable. I got a lot of input from my A.D Michael Filipowski about this.
Considering stuff like this, or the limitations of the 3D-realization and animations was completely new to me. But I grew into it after while I think. :)

I started working on "The Settlers 7" in mid 2008, so some of the characters below aren't actually the freshest anymore. ;)

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